Portraits in the Wild - Robert Massey

Portraits in the Wild

Portraits in the Wild is pretty straightforward. We take you out of the studio and into the world to show off who you are doing what you love! These go beyond just family pictures in the park. You know the ones, where you pose awkwardly looking at the camera waiting for the hour you paid for to be over.

These portraits aren’t that. You’ll be shocked at how fast our time together goes by because we will be together doing something that makes you, well, you! We want to get to know you, take you to places that mean something to you, and show you off doing things that are true to you.

Do you love the trees, the rivers, the wilderness of the Canadian Rockies near Calgary? Then let’s go show off your wild-side on a rocky cliff in Alberta’s playground.

Are you a coffee connoisseur, always roasting, grinding, and in search of the perfect cup? Let’s tell the story of your love of coffee and show your joy in the adventure.

Do you set off on trails before dawn to catch a sunrise on mountain tops? We’re down to head out before the light to capture that perfect portrait of you in the alpine glow.

Are you at home chopping veggies, grating cheese, and crafting magnificent meals? Let’s hit up a kitchen together and get to making something side-by-side.

Do you enjoy peaceful moments, reading books beside alpine lakes, watching the sunrise (or sunset)? We think that sounds like an amazing image, let’s go and make that happen!

Are you an adventurer wanting more photos of your epic adventures? Let’s chat about your next project and how we could document it.

Wild means whatever you want it to. From mountains to rivers to kitchen tables.

These aren’t just portraits of you smiling at the camera in a bland location that doesn’t connect with who you are. These are portraits of your joy, your love, your passion, of places and things that make your heart smile. 

We have always found that the best pictures of people come from when they are doing something they love. Nothing truly shows off that glint in your eye, that wider-than-wide smile, that certain look, then when you are working on a passion project.

We aren’t interested in perfectly posed, perfectly lit, and perfectly set photographs because life isn’t perfect. It’s messy, it’s fast, it’s unpredictable. You aren’t you when everything looks perfect. The images look sterile, unreal. What we are truly interested in is showing off you in the best way possible, in the most real way possible. We love to capture those moments in life, those memories you will want to hold onto forever.

These are adventure portraits, lifestyle portraits, real-life portraits, these are what portraits are supposed to be. They are you out doing what you love.

If this sounds right to you, if the idea of having your truest self shine through in images, then contact us and lets chat about your dream. We are open to any portrait or adventure project, big or small. We are always happy to talk about your dreams. So let’s get out and show off who you are and doing what you love!

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